Champions League 16-17 April.2019

Barcelona  Manchester United with FORECAST Over 2.5 goals

It was total boredom created by these teams last week when disappointed the soccer world. Not many episodes that they brought in somehow movement in the status quo of the person concerned collision , but despite this the class team – that of Barca came to his . This victory gives some advantage to the ” Catalonians, ” but there. In any case, they do not guarantee their ranking for the semifinals, as their lead is not of the 3: 0 variety, and certainly they themselves know very well. Returning only a few weeks back, they definitely have not forgotten what their English rival did against PSG, so there is hardly any point of underestimation here. Unlike the first game, it will fully meet expectations and will actually compensate for the stunning production a week ago. Here the goals will fall one after the other and the show will be full.


Juventus – Ajax with FORECAST 1

The best forecast for this day is exactly the match for Juve – Ajax. The Italians did not shine with a lot of what a week ago, and yet they reached their goal – a goal on a pitch and a result other than a loss. With all the experience they have, and having Cristiano Ronaldo in their ranks, they should not have the least difficulty in completing the start and crushing the young Dutch. Like what was said in the above forecast, especially in the Manchester United section and the feats the team made in the last round against Parisians, the same is true for Ajax. The Dutch created the miracle, eliminating Real Madrid after a serious delay after the end of the first game. Juve ‘s team has a very skilled team that will not allow youngsters from Amsterdam to do what they want on the pitch. “The old lady” will have a serious superiority and will get much easier than expected until the victory.


Porto – Liverpool with FORECAST Over 2.5 goals

The Reds did a lot of their work a week ago when they did not give the Portuguese any special chances, defeating them 2-0. The numerical expression could have been much more convincing in their favor, but that is enough to send them to the next stage of the race. Recently, in fact, just a year ago, they painted a real size just with this rival, blurring it twice in the same race. Porto now has nothing to lose and will forget about any game in his own half. “To Dragao ” will create an amazing atmosphere that predisposes to making something big. Clearly, the ability of the local team does not allow him to return to the game with such a draw and against this rival, so he will devote himself to exchanging an attack after an attack with him as well as a goal after a goal.


Manchester City – Tottenham with FORECAST 1 (-1.5AH)

Man City cracked furiously against one of his subscribers in recent years. For a long time, “citizens” did whatever they wanted against their rival, but in this so important for them, and especially for their coach Pep Guardiola match, they failed. But this is only the first episode of their rivalry in the final phase of the WS, and the more interesting is yet to come. Manchester City will have enough time for an appropriate response against a bloody opponent who has lost some of his strongest figures at such an important stage. Tottenham will be a very pale likeness of himself and will not be at all comparable to his so strong rival. “Citizens” will dictate everything in this game from the very beginning and will be back on vacation with advance, and then their superiority will become more serious and more serious to stamp the success and end up in the semifinals in the race.

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