Champions League 11.03.2020

PSG – Borussia Dortmund with FORECAST 2 (+ 0.5AH) @ 2.10

Dortmund continues to make progress, being again second in the Bundesliga and approaching the top. Bayern Munich can’t help but feel unsettled given that its main rival for the top of recent seasons, Borussia Dortmund, is on the rise and is winning match after match with ease. Already 5 consecutive triumphs at the expense of the Faver boys, who are playing better. PSG has been collecting more goals at its door, with only one dry net retained for a month and a half and it was in Dijon’s household. Borussia Dortmund is a team of a completely different level, which has the necessary not only to eliminate this opponent, but also to leave unbeaten from his visit.


Liverpool – Atletico Madrid with FORECAST 1 @ 1.55

It is unknown how until recently the brilliant team of Liverpool was completely impersonal in the middle of the Spanish capital. He was involved in a match that didn’t suit him at all, and Simeone took it back again. A 1-0 win puts his team closer to the next qualifying phase. The situation for Liverpool as nothing can turn out to be insignificant when collecting the first goal of the match. The Reds are increasingly hesitant to lose 3 of their last 5 games, but with a coach like Klopp, they have come out of these situations more than once. This match will end extremely favorably for them and within the first 30 minutes they will score a goal and quickly return the resolution of the dispute to the desired orbit.

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