Champions League 10.12.2019

Ajax – Valencia with FORECAST 1 @ 1.61

Ajax’s tumultuous fall on Friday night will only cause the team to show its usual appearance just days later. It is unknown how after scoring 52 goals in the 15 rounds of Eredivisie, which is more than 3 per game, he never found his way to the door of Willem II in the middle of his own Amsterdam Arena. Thus, the rival, who is increasingly looking up to leading positions in Dutch football, has emerged as the winner of the unbeaten campaign stadium and has enjoyed his biggest success for a long time. Ajax has unleashed a lot of good things from his game so far in the “tournament of the rich,” and in order to qualify, he simply needs to not lose his household to Valencia. Such a young team like this one will not be able to come out for the Hicks, but with the qualities he has, he will need to overtake the Spaniards and will look full force to the next phase.


Salzburg – Liverpool with FORECAST 2 @ 1.80

Very high odds for the British to win this match. The biggest surprise is that, before the end of the group phase, they did not pre-empt her exit, and even more surprising is the possibility that they would not skip it. This is exactly what will happen in a tie that unites the victory of Salzburg and Napoli in the Gent household, so Liverpool will surely do their best to unleash their best football in this match. Coming back a few months ago, it was these teams that created the real triumph of beautiful football in their first match, which ended 4: 3, so goals will not be absent in the rematch. Liverpool have found a way to preserve much of the power of their top players in recent weeks, and this will be at the heart of the team’s well-being and the record of such an important victory in Salzburg’s visit.


Lyon – Leipzig RB with FORECAST 2X @ 1.55

A serious test for each of the teams involved in this match. Their ranking is at stake, and from wherever you look, Lyon depends solely on themselves. The team threw one of the big surprises in the group, earning their visit to the German rival going so far. A 2-0 away triumph and a gap of 3 points before the end simply means that in order to finish in front of his direct opponent, Lyon needs to win directly against him. However, injuries in the French ranks have increased a lot over the last month, and RB Leipzig has returned to his best football, so it is at this match that the Germans will take their revenge and not only qualify, but also be a stunning level in this so important meeting.


Inter – Barcelona with FORECAST 1 @ 1.70

Inter have the privilege to use the fact that the favorite to win the group, even before its beginning, has already guaranteed the mentioned, fully meeting the expectations, and by the end there is another duel, which will be held at Giuseppe Meazza. With its 11 points, Barcelona is unbeaten in the first place, as Inter and Borussia Dortmund have 7 each and in any event in the remaining only one round, they just can’t get ahead of them. Coming in second in the standings, Inter just needs to put themselves above their Spanish opponent, and so will seal the skipping of the groups. At the same time Borussia Dortmund accepts the latter – Slavia Prague in a match in which it is impossible to see how they will not win, so as good as the position of the “Nerazzuras”, they still play against Barcelona, ​​and no matter where The duel, no matter what the composition of the opponent, he is always among the leaders in the world. Inter, however, will pull off such an important triumph and seal its place in the next round of the tournament.

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